In 2016, Forbes pointed out that 36% of the businesses were owned by women. 

Healthy mangrove ecosystems are vital for the wellbeing, food security, and protection of coastal communities worldwide.

The new Audi A8: future of the luxury class

World debut for flagship model at Audi Summit in Barcelona. New design language and a pioneering touch operating concept, piloted driving functions to be rolled out in production Audi A8 versions from 2018 

Save water in your daily routine, a five minute shower is enough, habits like turning off the water while you lather up or brush your teeth are vital.

The businesswoman will make a 180 turn in her career to lead a cause for a month that will change the lives of thousands of Colombian children

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  • About Corto Inglés
    About Corto Inglés

    360 talent. Entrepreneur, journalist and entertainment host, culture, technology, science, health and environment. Driving force of The Fabulist Latin America for E!. Reality host of #Empoderadas that airs on Fox Life.

    Lover of fashion, street-style influencer, trendsetter. A personality highly recognized within social media.

    Ambassador of the @FundacionJuanfe, Environmental ambassador for the United Nations, Audi ambassador and spokeswoman against violence against women and the fight against breast cancer for the Avon Foundation. Active member of the board of directors for the Natalia Ponce De León Foundation.

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